Haffner's Oil Spill
Haffners Acadia Enpro Services Inc Ambrose

Energy North Group Documents

Haffners Acadia Enpro Services Inc Ambrose

More documents and details regarding this oil spill cleanup disaster coming soon, please be patient during this process.

Dear readers, supporters and friends, you can help Mom and this Campaign by contacting these companies today!

Please take a moment by calling and telling them to "Make it Right!" If enough people keep calling them maybe they will get the message!

Energy North Group - 1700 Shawsheen Street - Tewksbury, MA
Kenneth Black - President - 978-640-1100 x203
Pat O'Connell - VP Operations, Supply & Properties - 978-640-1100 x202
Corporate office telephone - 1-800-540-5824

Haffner's Service Stations Inc - 2 International Way - Lawrence, MA
Kenneth Black - President - 978-640-1100 x203
Corporate office telephone 1-(978) 683-2771

On Thursday May 21st 2015 Energy North Group - President Mr. Kenneth Black the new owner Haffner's Oil Company aka [HEG] Haffner's Energy Group fired five long time gas station managers. Although employees were told they would keep their jobs until

February 2016

In addition, Mr. Black raised its car wash price one dollar and offered several long term employees severance packages. And it's corporate offices are no longer open on Saturdays and loyal employee's will no longer be able to work over-time.

Who does this guy Mr. Black think he is ??? He purchased the company for $60,000,000.00 well below its worth according to reliable sources.

kenneth black
June 14th Update:

Four more employees have left Haffner's Oil Company since "Black Thursday"

In addition, a long term office manager will now be retiring in August 2015 and another gas station manager was forced to take a pay cut.

Over the last 2 years 14 oil delivery drivers left Haffner's Oil Company! According to reliable sources 8 of the delivery drivers were Hispanic. We wonder why? It appears HEG Inc. is looking for new oil delivery drivers. See Link Below:

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If any former employees would like to join the summer 2015 protest at Haffner's Oil Company corporate offices in Lawrence, MA. Please use link below:
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Much more information about Mr. Black and it's newly formed corporation [HEG] Haffner's Energy Group coming soon!!

Message to Mr. Black (New Owner of Haffner's Oil Company)

I attempted to contact you after you purchased Haffner's Oil Company and you did not return my two phone calls.

Here is a thought, why don't you be mom's hero and "Make it Right?"

Surely, you knew of the stigma to the Haffner's company name before you purchased it?

Be the man and take this company in the right direction and regain the trust and loyalty of its customers and come out on top and get some positive publicity in return!

Otherwise, you can brace yourself...As we will continue to protest your new corporate offices in Lawrence, Massachusetts until every Haffner's sign is removed from the face of the earth!!

Michael Demers

Message to HAFFNER"S 30,000 Oil Customers!

We Urge you to Change Your Oil Provider Today!

Do you want to be the victim of Haffner's next oil spill?

Do your part and support mom by terminating your contract and not doing business with this company until it changes its policies.

Do you want to be out in the cold this winter? It appears Haffner's may be short drivers this coming winter season!

Thank You